4th weekend in June
The “Förderverein der TSG Burglichtenberg” (TSG Burglichtenberg's support group) hosts its 15th Medieval Summer Market on Castle Lichtenberg near Kusel. The market opens on
Saturday, June 24th (12.00 pm – 11.00 pm) and on Sunday, June 25th (11.00 am – 06.00 pm)
Entrance fee (without medieval garb): 7 €
Entrance fee (with medieval garb): 5 €

The historic castle grounds (upper and lower part of the castle combined spanning 423 meters in length) offer the perfect opportunity for a time travel back to the Middle Ages. Throughout the entire castle complex, medieval musicians with ancient instruments and dance groups in colorful silky dresses entertain the visitors. Besides knights in armor and Templar gear, archery and crossbow shooting are on the agenda. Numerous stalls offer traditional medieval drinks and dishes, characteristic for knights and damsels. Additionally, local specialties are sold at several stalls while fast food is strictly prohibited. The castle's unique panorama and flair, paired with the medieval activities and the sensational offerings ensure an exciting and beautiful experience. Medieval wooden stalls, tents and historically correctly dressed vendors are a basic requirement for the participation in the market.

Exhibition bouts of knights, the market court, medieval camp life, archery and crossbow shooting and medieval music are given. Plenty of parking lots are available. They get assigned for a small fee (2€). Dogs are permitted as long as they are leashed.

Open on both days:
“Urweltmuseum Geoskop” (Museum of Primeval World) and the “Pfälzer Musikantenland-Museum”
(Museum of Palatinate Music). Coffee and cake are offered in the heated “Zehntscheune” (Tithe Barn).






Varied program on both days:

Medieval live Music and Dance
Clowns and jugglers
Teuton Hammer
Medieval Bath House
Ritter camp and exhibition matches
Bow and arrow shooting
Combat demonstrations on horseback
Blacksmith demonstration
Fire show
great children's program
Donkey rides
Rudi, the smart pig
Tavern with beer, wine and much more !
Vegetarian food
Meat dishes and much more !